4 reasons I got sent to the principles office and how it has worked for me in business.

While I got descent grades in school, the comment box on my report cards always had a note listing my “bad” traits that teachers often sent me to the principles office for.


Doesn’t like to share.

Sharing is over rated and something that doesn’t apply in real life and teaches us, dare I say? To be submissive.

Why should I have to share something, whether it was mine or not, with someone because they asked? Better yet, because they said “please”? Why do I have to give turns on the swing if I had gotten there first? Play ground rules, away from teachers made more sense. I got it first was reason enough not to share. You snooze you lose was reason enough to hog the swing. It also taught you to defend what was yours.

In business sharing is not an option. People work really hard to build a reputation and then someone jumps in to associate themselves with you. There has been so many times when people have posted on my comments on my social media that were really a plug for their business. I recently called someone out for doing so. His excuse was “I am just starting out and you should be more generous and help young consultants get a start”. My answer was NO. I am not sharing my reputation and followers because you say so. Come to me and we can work together, ask me for a project, invite me for coffee, but don’t just think you are privileged. Oh, and he did say please.


Is a sore loser.

This was my biggest pet peeve. Why would anyone want to be a good loser? Show me a good loser and I will show you a person that has had lots of practice.  I understand it’s important to lose with grace, but that’s not being a good loser. That is just giving you the opportunity to plot your revenge. In business, you will lose all the time, but it’s how we learn from these mistakes and situations that make us better for the next round. I almost feel like when they say “it’s not if you win or lose,” they are setting you up, to give up. It is about winning and not be happy or satisfied just because you got to play! Just ask an Olympic champion who lost by a fraction of a second.


Does not play well with others, bossy, and talks too much in class.

How can this even be a comment on a report card? I laugh now, but is talking in school and asking too many questions really disrupting the class? We were lectured to and tested on. That was it. In play or study groups someone (me) had to lead the team. Like in nature the alpha always leads (wins) the team. Sometimes it happens naturally, sometimes you have to be a little aggressive, aka bossy. I remember the teachers saying, “Mercedes, can’t you let someone else have a chance?” No that would be sharing. There is no reason not to be kind while being in control, but you should have to make excuses for being focused, determined and knowing what you want?


Lazy = Doesn’t apply herself to the fullest.

Yes, I am the laziest person on the planet! I hate pointless repetitive drills. Remember writing your name over and over so you can practice your handwriting. If after the 3rd time I felt it was pretty and legible, exercise over. Lazy people with ambition find the easiest way to do things, and if they are a sore loser it’s with great success. Owning a store is my greatest example. I do the parts of running a store I love- buying, traveling and negotiating, but the daily grind, I leave to someone else. It’s rare to see me on the floor and you’ll never find me unpacking boxes. Don’t get me wrong. We all start there, but it’s the lazy guy that finds a way out. I don’t understand how many business icons start each early morning post with rise and grind. Why would I want to wake up and grind (which sounds so painful)? I do wake up at the crack of dawn, but I enjoy it. That’s how I’m the first to the play ground. I want to wake up stretch, count my blessings and chill before I start my day.The mantra I live by is this- How do I work as little as possible for the most amount of money?

Think of that and your lazy, bossy, sore losing, not sharing self will be successful.