The ultimate workshop on marketing, presenting and selling your line!


This workshop presents the 4 key objectives of selling at an international tradeshow: marketing the line, exhibiting at the show, selling to buyers, and how to follow up orders.

You’ll learn how to create the right sales strategy, attract buyers, merchandise the booth, market your brand and get an insider’s perspective and advice. 

This has been called a “Life saver” to help you rock the show with your line and prepare for the sales to roll in!

Topics Include

  • How to index and reference the line
  • Producing line sheets and look books
  • Drafting purchase orders
  • Creating sales and delivery schedules

This class is limited to 4 designers and admittance is by approval only. Best in Show is a 4 hour, hands-on interactive program.

Minimum Requirements

  • Line samples ready
  • Other resources such as price lists
  • and line sheets would be helpful.

Application process is necessary and we reserve the right of admittance.

Don’t lose the chance of a lifetime!

Upcoming Workshop Dates

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For more information on applying call us at 212-414-4001 or email