Global Purchasing Company (GPC) is committed to providing flawless global strategic advisory to the retail sectors. Our team of professionals is based in New York City and directed by a globally experienced retailer, Mercedes Gonzalez.

Our knowledge of emerging international markets helps us streamline businesses as they grow and seek other markets. GPC has 13 years of service and our director over 20 years.

GPC has been invited and worked with the following international tradeshows, fashion weeks and conferences:

  • Peru Moda Guest speaker 2008-2009-2010
  • Istanbul Textile Conference Guest speaker 2009-2010
  • Hong Kong Fashion Week and Boutique Show Guest Speaker 2008
  • Miami Fashion Week Guest speaker, judge & staff consultant to international designers 2006-2007-2008-2009-2010
  • Brazil Fashion Week Guest Speaker, consultant to designers/Brands that want to enter US market 2008 – 2009
  • Singapore Textile Conference Speaker and Strategic planning for textile industry 2008
  • Chilean Mall (Mall Plaza) Conference to streamline local retailers in preparation of international brands entering the local market 2005
  • Russian Retail Conference on best retail business practices 2010
  • Castilla y Leon Fashion Week (Spain) and conference Speaker, consultant for designers entering the US market 2007 – 2008 – 2009

Our retail team specializes in the following areas:


Customized analysis and overall assessment of product line to evaluate feasibility of brand and establish if ready to enter US market. Support services include placement, pricing, merchandising and tradeshow assistance.

Retailers/mall developers/brand that are opening retail locations

Strategic planning for local retailers and shopping centers which includes sales optimization, training of sales staff and niche marketing.

Types of international engagements:

  • Invitation to international fashion weeks and trade shows. During this time we will review lines (brands) and select them for a one on one consultation to evaluate market readiness.
  • Conferences for manufacturers/designers
    • Entering the US Market: Streamlining a cost-efficient entry point
    • 10 Trends for the Next 10 Years, which presents an educated tour of business trends for retailers to evolve
    • The New Global Consumer: Why traditional marketing doesn’t attract loyal customers in today’s market
    • Subliminal Marketing: The art of creating the sale
    • Best in Show: How to prepare for international tradeshows
    • Speed to Market: How to meet the demand for faster operation
  • Conferences with fashion retailers
    • The New Global Consumer: Why traditional marketing doesn’t attract loyal customers in today’s market
    • Creating the Ultimate Sales Team: Producing and sustaining the backbone of your business
    • Subliminal Marketing: The art of creating the sale
    • Retail 2.0: Building and streaming your operation for growth and profit.
To book Mercedes for your event, or to learn more, contact us at 212-414-4001 or email