Open Letter to Tory Burch

So I have a love-hate affair with Reva. I was one of the first to jump on the trend of the simple, chic, comfortable little gem flats. I had a standing order for black ones once a year at the Elizabeth street store.

When each new shipment came in, the sales associate would call to inform me of the newest, fabulous print or color of the season. I wore them and loved them to death. And then they were everywhere! I could not walk down one block in New York City without running into 2 people wearing a pair. It seemed Reva was everywhere. What was once hard to find and always out of stock was now common.

Common is a four letter word in fashion.

I put away my gold, black, animal print pairs. I missed them, but I felt cheated. They would fade away..but they didn’t. They became a fashion basic. Often imitated but never the same, Reva had become the ‘little black dress’ of foot wear. Every fashionista and every ‘industry’ person didn’t have just one pair but at least half a dozen.

Now when we walk down the street and see another Reva wearer, we give each other a little grin and nod. Yes, we are part of the group a group of Jimmy, Manolo and Christian wearers but you know tucked deep into our designer bags is a pair of Revas, waiting to give us comfort.

My story doesn’t end here. A week ago I was hit by a taxi! I landed on the hood of the cab and my foot under its wheel. The taxi ran over my foot and fractured it in two places.


The EMS and the Doctor that treated me at the hospital both asked me what shoe I was wearing. It turns out that if not for the metal logo on the shoe, for certain I would have lost a toe. The shoe had protected me, like a fashion lucky charm or a fashion amulet. I will forever be grateful for being a fashionable victim and not a victim of a horrible accident.

Of course I can’t be seen in this hideous boot that has to be strapped to my leg for 6 weeks! So I took the metal logo off the ruined shoe and Velcro-ed it on the boot. I now happily walk/hobble the streets of the big apple, this time getting more than a grim and nod.