Buyer Training for Fashion Retailers

You Need Buyer Training Because? First time buying? Nervous? Don’t understand the buying lingo?

We can help you with all your buying questions and prep you to talk the “buyer” talk. Being able to use the buyer lingo, naturally and seamlessly of course, shows a level of professionalism and experience that will make you look like a seasoned professional.

Understand better the following terms:

  • Understanding what markup you really need and how to price your goods
  • When to take notes and when to write an order
  • Knowing your Credit terms and tricks to building industry credit
  • Setting Start and Cancel dates
  • Best way to ship and FOB
  • Learn the basics of negotiations
  • Asking for exclusives and margin builders
  • Sizing and size scales
  • How to follow up and organize your orders
  • How to set your buying budget OTB

Buyer training takes place either in NYC or L.A. for $750 a day 10am to 3pm. You can choose to take your training during a tradeshow or by visiting a showrooms.

A one hour of follow up consultation is included.

To schedule a training call us at 212-414-4001 or email