Start the year right with a Retail Checkup!

Often we get overwhelmed with the day to day grind and forget why we opened our boutiques. This is the year you are going to work less and make more money! The mantra we like to tell our clients is How do I work as little as possible for the most amount of money? You can make this happen.

Our Retail Checkup consists of a comprehensive assessment of your business and your staff’s capabilities. We will provide you with recommendations to assist you in improving your profitability and success of your business.

These are just a few of the questions we will help you answer with our Retail Check-Up.

  • Am I comfortable leaving staff alone in the store?
  • Are my employees effectively trained in sales, service, and styling?
  • Do I have the best product mix with margin builders?
  • Am I maximizing my sales floor?
  • Can I improve my turns and sales per square foot? I didn’t know my favorite brands were losing me money.
  • Am I overstocked?
  • Can I improve my turns? My sales per sq. foot?
  • Do I have dead inventory?
  • Am I up to date with technology?
  • How competitive am I?
  • Am I running too many or not enough “on time” sales?
  • Am I making money?


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Our findings will turn into immediate saving and profit for your retail operation.