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photo by meeshypants

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You have heard about it-you might have even thought about going by yourself-or worst you think you found the location only to be disappointed.

Global Purchasing Companies will be hosting a buying tour of the famous downtown “Korean” market. An excellent place to find at once goods (really they pack the box in front of you) and items that you can use great mark-ups on.

During this 6 hour day you’ll learn how to:

  • Navigate around the district
  • Buy “cash and carry” (it’s different from showrooms and tradeshows)
  • Find margin builders
  • Do your own private label

There will be a small presentation on the art of buying and mark-up.

Some of the departments that you will be able to shop for are:

  • Contemporary
  • Knits
  • Dresses
  • Plus sizes
  • Accessories

Sorry no men’s, children’s or lingerie on this trip.


The cost is $250 to non-members and $150 to members.

This will include a a full sit-down lunch, the tour, training and a mini presentation and of course questions and answers with Mercedes throughout the day.

The tour is limited to 10 people so sign up today!

The money you will make/save on your first buying trip will cover the cost of the whole trip!

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What Our Clients Say

Tour of LA Garment DistrictI currently have a store that I have owned called Elan Style for over 6 years in Scottsdale, Arizona. Mercedes has been integral to the success in my business, especially in the beginning when I was a “newbie” and had literally NO idea about the retail clothing business as this was a new venture for me. One of the strategies that I strongly, STRONGLY feel contributed to the success of my business is my utilization of the garment district in Los Angeles, which I affectionately call “K Town”. This is really a gem of which good retailers should avail themselves. From the outside, it looks frankly, really crappy and low rent. But do not let that fool you… there is gold there that is waiting for you – you just have to look. One of the services that Mercedes offers to her clients is the tour of K Town.. I really suggest it. As we all know, the bottom line in any retail business is profit… and we all need profit centers when there are online boutiques, nationals and any number of businesses that can undercut our bottom line. The great thing about K town is that there is great quality there that hang just as well in your contemporary boutique next to your Young Fabulous and Broke, Tart, Michelle Jonas and the like and no one will know the difference (if you buy right). Plus, it is kind of like a treasure hunt and I enjoy shopping there actually more than I do at the Cooper, the New Mart or any one of the fashion buildings. I just never know what I am going to find… so dress comfortable and check it out. It is really a lot of fun and very eye opening as well! – Lisa, Scottsdale, AZ